Tuesday, August 27, 2013

30 Weeks

I guess I can start to really think the delivery date will come sooner than later. It has been weird in the 20-some weeks range. It just seemed like way more time than it was. Now at 30 weeks things seem to be a bit more real and winding down. Winding down time wise, definitely not "symptoms" wise.

She is moving around a lot most days. I have noticed on days that I am home alone for the duration of the day she moves with less frequency or intensity. But as soon as Paul gets home and I am talking to him or him to me she moves a lot more. I guess she just likes to get her sleep in while I am not bugging her. At this rate though I should be able to yell at Stella all I want when she comes and she won't bat an eye.

Speaking of Stella she has become even more clingy. When we are sitting down watching tv she almost always has to be touching me in some way, even if it is just a paw against my leg. I have started to not even realize that she is touching me until I am sweaty and hot and I realize there is 60lbs of dog laying against me too.

My "favorite" symptom has been that after dinner at night I have to lay down because there is no room for the baby and a full stomach. It causes my ribs to ache really bad. I have to stretch out so that she can stretch out away from my ribs.

I feel like I should try to nap most days but then I just think that I am still going to be tired when I wake up and I never feel refreshed from a nap. I may not have a choice though.

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