Monday, August 26, 2013

These poor, poor people

Sure growing up we all say that when we get older and become adults we can do whatever we want, be whomever we want. Then some of us begin to realize that those things come with a has to be with in reason of what you can do and what is best for you.

By now anyone that is going to know about it or see it has seen the train wreck of Miley Cyrus last night at the MTV VMA awards. People with a little more time on their hands may end up checking out her Instagram feed as well. If you do happen to check that out you will see a storm of bickering in the comments. None of course by Miley herself.

Yes, she is an entertainers and with that comes a different level of trying to gain attention in a world where everyone is looking for attention. But if you read the comments you find people saying that no one can give her crap about her performances or photos because she "is just being herself", that she is and entertainer, and finally that people should stop expecting her to be Hannah Montana. I'll give you the last one.

People grow up. I am not the same as I was at 12 and she isn't either. But do I think she is being herself no. She is being a version of herself that will get her talked about. Is that girl on stage the same one that goes to Christmas dinner with her grandparents? I surely hope not. So why is it that her public persona has to be that that says you can wear your bra and underwear out of the house (sometimes she skips the bra all together, okay most of the time) and in the name of "being you" can do whatever makes you feel "free".

There is society. I would be fired today if I stripped down and dry humped a coworker while making out with a teddy bear and doing lewd things with a foam finger. Yep, I am not a singer or performer but neither are 90% of the people she is advocating living how ever you want. Nope she isn't a role model and she may say she doesn't want to be, then stop throwing out advice. There are parents in this world that are actually trying to teach their kids what the world expects of them and this trash she puts out is 180 degrees different.

We don't have to be sheep, but we all must live and work with each other daily.

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