Friday, August 2, 2013

26 Weeks and learning her jump punches

I have been taking a photo every two weeks. Maybe if I actually took one every week I'd see the difference but really I think that two weeks shows it a bit better. Everything is going normally as far as the doctors are concerned and I don't think I am feeling anything I am not supposed to. I still get a little paranoid when I don't feel her moving for a little while. Then I tend to realize it is about the same time every day in like the 8 a.m. hour so I think that is when she finally sleeps. Other than that she is so active. Paul and I are now convinced that she is way more like him in the not sitting still area. I can't quite pin point what this new rolling thing she does is but I don't think it is hiccups because it isn't a steady feeling and it isn't a single kick or punch. Actually maybe she is like me and practicing her jump punches because it feels like a roll then a quick one two kick using both feet.

I have finally had two nights in a row of decent sleep so that has been really nice. I had a few bad nights and I thought that it was going to be a permanent pattern. I don't know that I have really had any cravings yet. I have had things that sound really good but if I don't get them I am fine. Like the other day I wanted the Loft House sugar cookies from WalMart and I found a recipe. The cookies turned out fine but I messed up the frosting by adding too much milk and ended up attempting to make powdered sugar, which worked but I didn't sit in the kitchen with the food processor going for long enough to make it fully powdered it was about half way there. At one point Sarah looked at me and asked if it would have just been easier to go buy the cookies. I have really enjoyed chicken salads of different varieties and they more often than anything else sound good. I could probably eat a fuji apple chicken salad from Panera every day if it was financially responsible. 

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