Monday, August 12, 2013

Glucose testing

Today is my glucose testing. Just the one hour one but I am still nervous for it. I don't have anything that leads me to believe that I should be worried but it is just one of those things that I really don't want to deal with. And then there is the fact that I have my normal appointment in the middle of the appointment and I will get weighed. Seeing those numbers sucks. But after that is done I get to go in and hear baby girl's heart beat so that is a very nice thing. I wonder if it will be any different since I will have just drank the glucose drink. I am pretty sure that I won't be getting any more ultrasounds but I really wish I was. It is a long time to wait from 20 weeks to 40 weeks/birth day to see her again! But after the crap that has happened with the car there is no option of going to get the elective ultrasound. Oh well! Patience. Mine are almost getting better now. I was hoping that pregnancy would help me with how bad my patience is and I think it has so far.

It is easy to feel patient when you don't feel ready in the least. Personally if my due date were tomorrow I think we'd be fine but there is the whole thing that we have no crib or anything yet. I almost have the nursery painted so that is a plus but not exactly functional. But we have 12-ish weeks to go. We'll get there.

I may have patience in waiting to meet her but I don't when it comes to what if we don't have the things she needs. I have this nightmare that I get to our shower and everyone has bought the same gift and we have 50 burp cloths and nothing that the baby needs. I am so excited for what Sarah and Jennifer are planning and getting to see everyone that can make it to the shower. A shower to me is not about being greedy for gifts but the honest truth is that a shower is about celebrating and then about helping out with the new baby. Sure I'd love to be a Kim Kardashian and be able to say 'no gifts just donate to this charity' but that isn't reality for us. Not even close.

*And I passed the glucose test!*

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