Thursday, August 22, 2013

Well, that could have been bad

It isn't fun to watch your body pass a weight that you had always said you'd never see again.
My view for the 5 minutes of actual relaxing
Then most days you feel your little girl kicking around and it is okay. Then there is the day you think you broke the bath tub.

I am on day 2 of getting a progressively worse stiff neck as the day goes on. According to Dr. Google it is my body's weight shifting to being more in my stomach. I get that. I also get that a warm bath is going to help it, even though I hate taking a bath. You know bathing in your own filth, it is boring, etc. Paul tells me that yes a bath is a good idea to loosen up my neck. He is a big proponent for a bath.

So, I get my work I had done and I wrangle Stella up the stairs and start filling the tub. All is well and I get How I Met Your Mother going on Netflix on my Kindle. Finally, I figure I should get in. Stella is sitting tub side staring at me. She always thinks she wants to jump in the tub. I get myself as comfortable as a pregnant woman who floats can get. I am finally paying attention to the show and I am confident Stella isn't going to jump in on me.

Then there is a loud pop, Stella freaks out and acts like she is going to jump in and rescue me. I checked to see if it was the stopper popping out of the drain, no. I look to my left and it looks like the caulking detached from the wall. Hell no. I jump up and rant to Stella.

I end up calling Paul, thankfully he didn't answer when I first called him because I was on the verge of tears that my fat ass was collapsing the tub. When he called back he told me that the caulking has always looked like that. He wasn't sure what the noise was but I didn't break the tub.

I guess I'll track down the heating pad and have a less relaxing experience than a bath.

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