Thursday, August 15, 2013

28 weeks but measuring at 30

I had my 28 week appointment on Monday. I also had to do the glucose testing. First thing's first, it was not torture. You are allowed to eat with in the few hours before the test and you don't have to chug the juice, 5 minutes is plenty of time to drink that little amount. If you don't make yourself fast then it really isn't bad. Though maybe if you are severely diabetic it could effect you a lot worse. That is to say I tested with in normal range! And my
blood panel was normal too. So my bruising is just normal me.

The doctor kept the Doppler on my stomach for a little longer than normal while she talked to me so it was nice to get to lay there and listen to her. When she measured my stomach she said that she was measuring just over 2 weeks ahead of her age. She asked if her father was tall (yeah I know it doesn't look like height would come from me too). I said yep he is tall and so are her aunts and uncles and grandfather. I definitely hope she is going to be a tall girl. I loved outgrowing my mom.

In other "exciting" news our stroller and car seat came in last night and I got it put together today. Put together is a strong word to use though. From the size of the box that they came packed together in I figured there would be more assembly to the stroller. The car seat of course was just in one piece. Upon opening the stroller box I found that I just had to snap it open and snap the wheels into their places. The directions say that only adults should put together the stroller. I'd be scared if a child couldn't figure it out. And despite people complaining that their one handed fold down stroller really isn't easy this one is beyond simple to one handed fold. Now I see why the Dutchess and Duke bought this for Prince George who needs super expensive when this is justas good. I of course picked out the red one though.

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