Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pregnancy Brain...it is real...very real at 31 weeks.

So there I am looking down at my uncovered stomach and I think to myself: "Holy crap that stretch mark is going to be horrible." I am touching it and figuring that it is never going to fade once it becomes a full fledged stretch mark. About 3 minutes later it dawns on me, that isn't the beginning of a stretch mark it is my tumor scar. My initial "fear" of pregnancy vanity was how horrible my scar was going to look on a stretched stomach. It is actually a bit less noticeable for at least half of it and the other half is maybe a centimeter stretched but not in your face noticeable. It itches pretty bad from time to time that's about it. The reality is that the tumor was still just as big if not a bit bigger than everything going on in there right now.

The cake Jennifer and Sarah had done at Bilo. (it was soooo good!)

Aunt Shari's decorated onesie
Today I am 31 weeks-ish, since on Sunday I will have two months until my due date. Sarah and Jennifer hosted our first baby shower this weekend and it was so fun. It was not huge but I loved getting to sit around with all the people that really matter.

Then while I was gone, Paul organized a painting party and there were 6 people in the house helping him finish all the upstairs painting, including the nursery. It was wonderful to come home to that. I washed all the new stuff we got this weekend and it is all hung up and put away. We have a big dresser in the closet for baby girl but it is no where near filled, not that it needs to be though. The dresser just may be over kill for the time being. I love having clothes hanging too. They are so tiny and cute! Since everyone came and helped finish the painting Paul is now going to be able to use free weekends to go work on building the crib! I can't wait to see how it turns out. He said I can't see pictures or get too many updates now that they are closing in on the assembly of it.

I am so thankful for everyone and the things they do for us. I am really bad at showing it at times because I hate that I am a cryer. I get overwhelmed with happy or surprise and I shut down so I don't cry. Sometimes maybe I should just let myself.

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