Sunday, September 15, 2013

A little unusual for me

Anyone that is at all familiar with me will tell you that if I get hungry I become an angry frustrated person. Since I hit 30 weeks almost 3 weeks ago I have seemingly lost my appetite. As I mention before it has lead to a stand still on the scale. Well, in the last two days I have realized that I am hungry again and if I eat I actually want it. But my stomach is not telling me that it is empty. My mood is. I sat on the couch frustrated to no end because I just wanted to be able to do the things I needed done myself and not wait for Paul.

Paul had his wisdom teeth out on Thursday so he has been doing things around the house and then taking a break to lay down or ice his face or whatever he needs. He has still gotten a lot done. BUT was anything something I had hinted at needing done? Not really. And I felt bad that I was so frustrated with him. I was angry at myself. Angry at what I wanted done. At some point after a few tears Paul was wondering about lunch. So while I figured out lunch I had some chips and dip and I could feel my crazies going down. By time we finished lunch I was feeling like a normal human. A normal human whose ribs now felt like they'd explode because that squished up stomach is up in them now but I wasn't frustrated and angry.

I did the same today. Today is when it connected with me what my deal was. So I guess on the plus side my appetite is back. Looking back over the weekend I am happy that in my frustration I did not try to a.) carry the changing table upstairs by myself or b.) try to screw in anymore screws by myself.

I decided I could drill in the screw anchor and then screw in the curtains Saturday morning. The curtains are up but it was not pretty to watch. Stella hid behind the glider in the nursery. I need to have anchors drilled in and screws put in to hang two shelves I have that I want to put books and pictures on. It is best I leave that to Paul. He at least had marked where the screws went for the curtains.

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