Friday, September 20, 2013

33 weeks and there went my sleep

I am a morning person for the most part. I always have been. I hate feeling like I have wasted a chunk of the day by sleeping. So since getting pregnant the latest I have let myself sleep in has been 9. Now, I wake up so frequently I think I could function by sleeping 24 hours. I could sleep, wake up and accomplishing something in the time I can't fall back asleep, go to sleep and repeat all day. Currently Stella is helping me to not attempt that because when the FedEx guy dropped off Paul's new jack for the truck I woke up from my little nap, and she stole my pillow and place on the couch. So I am getting my work stuff done. I have noticed though that if I get up with Paul and then eat breakfast and then nap for like an hour from 7:30 to 8:30 or maybe 9 I am pretty good for the duration of the day.

In other "news" I had been pretty happy that for the most part all the stretch marks I had pre-pregnancy were the only ones re-stretching back out. THEN baby girl was pretty quite for about 36 hours and had me a tiny bit worried. I could always pester her into moving so I knew things were okay. At the end of the 36 hours yesterday I was driving to the outlets to buy my dress for Katie's wedding and baby girl was definitely starting to really wake up. Low and behold I change into the first dress to try it on and BAM way more than the one new purple stretch mark from two days ago. Someone was on a growth spurt. She is back to moving around quite a bit now.

I have been fairly patient up until this point. That is a big deal for me I have just taken things week to week. But now that we are getting so close it is getting so hard. I see all this stuff saying that she is 4-5 lbs now and like 15-18 inches long. That seems huge. That seems good enough to come out. BUT I know that I would rather have her with me all day right now in my stomach than her spending the next 3-4 weeks in a NICU until I can bring her home. I am definitely not hoping she comes this early I am just hoping that the next few weeks pick up speed a little.

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