Tuesday, September 24, 2013

34 Weeks...Seriously 6 weeks?

Six Weeks, In the beginning at 6 weeks along I thought time would never pass. Now with 6 weeks left I feel the same exact way. I was so tired and sore last night that I could not really sit and be comfortable and if I was sitting comfortably it was in a position that when I stood up it felt that every muscle and bone was frozen. I know that the extra sore came from the fact that I had to go into work yesterday. My desk chair is torture not to mention that baby girl seems to think that it is okay to sleep sprawled out. She can punch me in the hip and lodge her feet in my ribs at the same time. My guess is still that she is going to be a tall little girl and she'll be here at the end of October. So maybe instead of 6 weeks it is more like 4. Who knows? Certainly not me.

She is still pretty active and I can feel everything she does now. I am thankful that I am not woken up by her moving around. What wakes me up is how sore I get laying in one position and then needing to roll over. Last night I lined my side of the bed with a row of pillows and slept on top of them. While that really helped my hips, especially the right one, I could not roll over well. I'd get stuck more on my back and fall asleep and then I'd snore. Paul was good about waking me up to roll over the rest of the way. I don't mind it all that he did because sleeping on your back isn't good and if I sleep on my back for any length of time it makes me more stiff to roll over.

Okay, it seems like I am complaining a lot. I kind of am but there is still a smile on my face. I still think it is all totally worth it and I wouldn't trade this time. There are times like last night where I can't figure out how women do this 2-19 or more times. I mean that Duggar woman has been pregnant for like 171 months of her life, minus a few for babies who came early. I hope she doesn't get morning sickness because that is like 50-60 months of morning sickness. But, I also cling to the fact of it all being worth it when she is here. I have run more than one marathon even though during each one it has felt like cruel and unusual punishment I subjected myself to. Birth and marathons aren't the same but hopefully the mentality is.

I am pretty much done with the nursery. I have to hem a curtain. I have the sewing machine here and all the time to do it so that pretty much means that it will take me longer. Also, Paul is still working on the crib and trying to get it finished but we have the bassinet and now the "fancy" pack-n-play. I am not worried. I guess next we'll have to get the car seat in the car just in case. But I know that we can just throw that in the car if needed and hook it up before we go home. I have the bag all packed for her and I'll just have to get out my empty bag so I can throw my stuff in it when the time comes. There isn't really anything I don't need right now that I can pack. I'd like to feel a little more prepared in that way but I'm not worried.

I have had "false" contractions most nights. They seem to happen after 8 p.m. and it is only one maybe two about an hour apart. There have been 1 or 2 first thing in the morning.

My next appointment is next week. And these are my baby "splurge" I didn't want to ask anyone for the "expensive" baby blankets so I used part of a gift card to get these Aden+Anais blankets. Reviews said that some moms wear them as a scarf so they have them as burp cloths or feeding covers. I am totally on board with that, they are so soft I can't let baby girl get them all to herself! :)

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