Friday, September 13, 2013

32 Weeks: Baby Girl is right on track

The 32 week appointment was today! I love my doctor. I really hope she is the one on call when I go into labor. I talked to her about how scared of the epidural I am and she did not talk down to me that I was being silly she just talked me through it like if I were talking to a friend about it. She told me about having one herself and that what caught her off guard is when they put the numbing stuff in and how she said "Holy Shit" to that because it burns and hurts a little bit. It did put me more at ease.

She was happy with my blood work from the last appointment and was impressed that I didn't even need to be told to up my iron. Take that prenatal vitamin crazies haha. Speaking of prenatals, I started taking them every other day. I got a bunch of samples in a formula sample bag and I couldn't find my Flintstones the other night. Not a touch of making me sick. The doctor also said to make sure at the end of the day I spend some time with my feet above my heart to help the swelling go down. I am hopeful that now that the heat has broken the swelling won't come on so early in the day.

Then there was the best part of the appointment when the scale said I didn't gain any weight. I was a little concerned that she'd be concerned (yes I know same girl that cried last appointment for gaining weight. but I know it is supposed to happen) but she did not have a problem with it at all. I am now only about a 1/2 a centimeter ahead. After hearing baby girl's 140-150 beat heart beat the doctor palpitated my stomach and she is head down. Also my worry that she only has room on the right side of my stomach because of the organ shift from my tumor was for nothing the doctor could feel that she is taking up my whole stomach. Basically my whole stomach front is baby. That is why in my pictures a lot of times you can see her butt or knees sticking out the top of my stomach.

Finally, the doctor agreed we had heard way too much this summer about people giving birth anywhere but in the hospital. She broke down the usual progression of labor and told me how to approach calling them when I go into labor and the timing of driving in to the hospital. Doctor is A+ in making me feel better.

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