Sunday, September 22, 2013

What do I need still?

Two showers down and the nursery is as done as it can be. But there are still things on my registry that I think I am probably going to need, bottles, a feeding pillow, another waterproof mattress cover, at least one more crib sheet, newborn pacifiers, disposable changing pads, then of course anything I'll need for breast feeding.

My insurance covers my pump fully, I just have to deliver and call down to the supply boutique at the hospital and have one delivered to my room. It also appears according to my insurance it covers a lot of accessories and I won't be pumping for a little while hopefully. So I am really just trying not to go over board and buy a bunch of bottles or something. I have two bottles and if we end up needing them I can trust to ask Sarah to go to the store or Paul with a very detailed request list.

I am just trying to decide because I have a gift card that is burning a hole in my pocket. I want to get the most for the money and things that I need. I could definitely just go head and buy the really cute books that I think baby girl "needs" but that seems a little irresponsible.

Any suggestions on the must have for baby girl?

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