Tuesday, October 29, 2013

39 weeks...HOLY CRAP

Yeah, holy crap we are having a baby. We have had 39 weeks to get used to the idea, riiiiiight. It hits me every now and then but it really just hit me just now that we are in that window of "many babies are born in this week". I have been wishing for her to come for about a week now. I obviously still want her to show up any second now but something seems real about it. I attempted to bribe her at Target today while in the baby clothes section. She kicked around a couple times but there were no contractions and no water breaking. I totally would have welcomed water breaking in public too. Embarrassing, yes, but welcome, yes. So she didn't get anything at Target.

I am over being home, going out for longer than 15 minutes kills me, it is frustrating right now. I know that I am not the first to feel that way and that helps a bit. Target has a lot of pajamas on sale but I managed to leave with out buying any. I bought a pair of slippers a couple weeks ago but yesterday I put my bags in the car so now they along with my other comfy clothes are packed in the car. I am wearing the same couple of things every day, but when I don't really go anywhere I only really feel sorry for Paul.

I am not going to do any of the insane self induction techniques but I keep trying to trick/jinx my body into it. It is stupid that all these self induction things are basically designed to make your intestines feel like you spent the night in Mexico drinking the water. Why would I want to suffer like that before going through labor. So, mostly I am making sure that I am walking quite a bit. I have heard that stairs help too so I'll start throwing in an extra set here or there in addition of just being in the house. The doctor said that if there is no progress as of my appointment on Tuesday that's when we'll discuss what happens at 41 weeks because my office doesn't let you go past 41 weeks. Unfortunately 2 weeks from this Friday seems like eternity.

Yes, 39 weeks flew by, and I am beyond impressed with the fact that I never had the impatience problem until now. I went appointment to appointment and pretty soon I found myself in the "full term" stage. I guess it is much easier to be patient when the alternative is problems with a premie baby. Now, it seems logical that she should just show her pretty little face. Also, I'd like to set up that "out of office" email reply for my work email.

She will be here when she is ready. I know that.

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