Sunday, January 12, 2014

2 Months and several growth spurts and "wonder weeks" later

Wow, 2 months. P is 2 months old. She makes me laugh daily, frustrates me, and melts my heart. I catch myself wanting to keep her in the moment forever while also wondering what she'll be like in a week or month. I can't (but can) wait to hear what she says for her first word. In two months the doctor will go over direction for starting real food. For some reason that hit me like a load of bricks more than the fact that she is flying through diaper sizes. Food means she's growing up! She'll be "huge" and she will probably be starting teething. (FYI nothing about that sounds fun since she is still refusing a bottle).

Yeah, she refuses a bottle and pacifier. Though I may have discovered a way to outsmart her last night. It was dark in her room and when I laid her down she started fussing. I decided to give the pacifier a shot. She didn't scream like I was killing her, she also didn't really suck on it. But for us that is progress. I may send Paul up for bed time with a bottle tonight just to see if she takes it.

She is still too young for crying it out in bed to fall asleep but in yet another way we are spoiled if she is actually tired and ready to sleep if I put her down drowsy she will punch her arms around and kick her legs but will put herself back to sleep. That is good because when it comes to laying her down I have no coordination. For all the things that seem to be "natural" to me laying her down isn't one of them.

Something that is a bit crazy to me is that if she doesn't get her day time naps she won't sleep through the night (yeah we are spoiled there too). Before going through her last developmental growth she would nap after breakfast and then after lunch for her long naps then cat nap in the early evening. Then she had the spurt and spent a week and a half not napping at all which resulted in a bed time of 11, not the "normal" 9:30 and she would have to wake up at 3:30 to eat. When she doesn't get a real nap every time she eats she falls asleep before she gets full so doesn't sleep soundly and will not let me put her down. But if she is full and naps life is good for everyone. But in the last three days (minus yesterday) she has gone back to her "regular" schedule and ended up sleeping 9-6.

I however do not sleep straight through that time. I wake up and stare at the video monitor until i see her breathing or flinch. Lucky for me she takes after me and my family and is a very flinchy sleeper.

She is 11 pounds, 23.5 inches long and into size 2 diapers. She is a dainty long skinny girl built like her dad and grandpa Ed but then you get to her thighs and BAM all mommy :) so the size 1 diapers got tight around the legs before they were tight in the waist. She is fully out of the 0-3 month clothing and I think I finally got them all out of her dresser so I don't accidentally pull them out and try to stuff her in them. The 3 month one piece clothes with out feet are all above her ankles. She has worn a few 3-6 months sleepers too.

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