Friday, October 25, 2013

38 Weeks and she's still hanging in there

Yeah, it is still early, but I would not be one to complain if she were all healthy and ready to come out now. I am hoping that my gut is right and her birthday is the 26th. Who knows!? I am beyond uncomfortable at this point. The sciatic nerve on my right side gets insanely bad. It has been clear since the anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks that she would be hanging out on my right side predominantly because there is way more room over there because of the tumor. So all her weight is right back there on that side. My left side feels peachy, feels like I could run, then I try to lift my right leg and it is a whole different story.

The lovely bruise
All that said I am so thankful that I have had a very uneventful pregnancy. There hasn't been one test that has come back close to needing rechecked or worried about. The most "eventful" thing is that on Monday the doctor sent me to the hospital for monitoring because our little girl is a spaz and her heart rate was a bit higher than where they like to see it and I was quite swelled with rib pain. Turns out like I said she is a spaz and her heart rate was fine and consistent. The blood work came back fine and so my liver is fine and the swelling is just swelling. The blood work was the most "traumatic". I know my veins, I know what gives blood and doesn't . I know that the one that runs down the side of my left arm just outside my elbow is the one that a blind person could draw blood from. I probably would have preferred a blind person. The woman tied on the tourniquet tighter than anyone ever has EVER. I was pretty sure she had stopped circulation all together. So she stabs me and snaps the blood tube in there and it is slow she tells me to squeeze a fist. A fist full of fingers I can barely feel because of the band and fingers that are swollen and achey to begin with. Finally she fills the two tubes. I had been on an automatic blood pressure cuff that she did not unvelcro she just slipped it back up my arm pushed the button and left. Mind you this is on the arm that she just dug in, as the cuff tightened I began wondering if that vein blew if I'd bleed out. The cuff wasn't even up my arm where it should be, it was almost over my elbow so very close the blood draw site. The best part was watching Sarah who had been driving me that day. Sarah finally got up and was like I am fixing this stupid thing and she unvelcroed it and put it on right and surprise my blood pressure was fine the next time it went off. The bruise that followed was nasty.

Stella eyes me
Patti joins her
My boss keeps emailing me and adding a p.s. that he keeps hoping to see my out of office note up saying that I am on maternity leave. No such luck yet :) I will just sit here with Stella and Patti watching my every move and feeling baby girl squiggling (not a word but is the best description) around.

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