Tuesday, January 28, 2014

12 weeks tomorrow?

I can't believe the changes in P. She is so interactive and has such a personality. I love it. Pretty much if she is awake and not eating she is "talking or singing".  It is also like she and stella came to an understanding yesterday that they will be BFFs. She loves to watch the dogs walk around.

She is getting close to rolling back to front. I don't remember what she did the other day with Paul but I told him that even though I spend all day every day with her she would end up doing all her "firsts" with him. So, the next night I am on the couch eating dinner and he is sitting on the floor with her on her play mat. I hear "Woah you are going to roll over". I jump up because I couldn't see her because of the coffee table. She hasn't done it yet but she is going to be a bit peeved when she does since her belly isn't her favorite place. Which is probably why she hasn't shown interest in rolling belly to back. You'd think she'd be all for it so she didn't have to be on her belly any more.

She has been right on track with her growth spurts and "wonder week leaps" and she is getting into one now. She still refuses a pacifier and she has to be waking up to take a bottle. I need to be very vigilant that I am doing everything to keep my supply up because we would be up a creek if she had to take a bottle regularly.

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